Every business should have a SYSTEM for making money... This is the system which have phenomenal results...As soon as people apply the BBI systems it works...BBI Systems are to save your time and its proven to work. The BBI training and resources help you become the best.

Hamish Convay, BBI Profit Growth Specialist

Since starting I have sold approx. $78,000.00 worth of programs for me... it is the business that he has been looking for...Learned how the businesses works...This system is no brainier.

Eric Billoud, Business Owner

I have learned a lot in getting leads and become a marketing specialist. I have increased the turnover of my clients of about 50% in general within 6 months. Most businesses waste a lot of money and effort on in-effective advertising and marketing. Using BBI strategies you can achieve the results at a fraction of that cost. My 6 years with BBI are going strong with a slow start...

David O'Neill - The Marketing Doctor

We were looking for a number of years for a vehicle, that actually what we want. BBI is only vehicle that creates 'instant' income - FAST!

Lynn and Andy Rolston, BBI students & business owners

My clients had increased their turnover up-to 150% using BBI Strategies even in the recession...BBI Strategies really works to increase the turnover of businesses.

Ian Simonsen, Business Owner

BBI training is a life changing event. Any one can follow the BBI systems...no matter what background!!! The most effective, fastest and simplest to implement system I have seen in 30 years!!!

Graham Wade, Professional Accountant

I earned $150,000.00 in 6 months with the small business deals.

Gary Larcombe, Business Owner

I find the clients for the BBI Strategies and take a profit share from implementing them. My clients are getting good results using BBI Strategies. Its a win-win situations for both me and my clients.

Lance Spalding, Business Owner

We made a total of $170,000.00 in consulting income in our FIRST year of BBI business!!! Left the professional acupuncturist business and doing full time BBI business.

Gavin & Beverley Hurlimann, Business Owners

Owner of the Thai Foot Spa Massage: I was spending $2,000.00 per MONTH on advertising with little result and was looking for a better way of marketing. Using BBI strategies we have doubled our turnover with a fraction of cost. We developed a system for our business which works, using BBI strategies. The BBI system gets new customers at low cost!!! And it's still measurable and predictable!!! The BBI system will work for ANY business.

Blair Harding, Owner: Thai Foot Spa Massage

I had applied BBI strategies and made $3000 to $4000 extra in sales which was not possible before. I was inspired, motivated and most importantly got real and measurable RESULTS.

Alex Coulson, Business Owner

BBI event gave me the action that I will put into practice in my business!

Sue, Retirement Home Business Owner

Dmitri Stern's event presentation is logical, step-by-step guide to success and is recommended to anyone, who's serious about the success of their business.

Bharat Patel, Cafe Shop Owner

Dmitri's workshop was action packed with lots of useful information and cool exercises to keep us energised. We have learned strategies applicable to our own business.

Craig & Wendy, Business owner

Dmitri's training had made everything to "gel together"

Brian, Retirement Home Business Owner

Our business turnover was increased from $4000 to $11000 per week with implementation of proven strategies. The BBI Strategies work...Don't put it off. They guarantee results!! No doubt.

Naresh, Resturant Owner

"Must attend for everyone who's serious about getting return on your investment in your business!"

Karen Van Eden, Business Owner

"Great content! Practical strategies for my business!"

John Seaman, IT Consultant

"...if you are serious about getting fast and tangible results in your business - attending Dmitri Stern's event is the must! The content is full of practical strategies - ready for application in my business"

Alistair Gray, Business Consultant

Dmitri's stragies are very upto the point, upto date and would help any business in any economic climate.

Flora Azizova, Business Consultant

"If you follow Dmitri Stern's advise and apply his strategies - you too can succeed in business!"

Tony Bonanno, Business Coach & Internet Marketer

"Well presented, easy to follow and understand. Most importantly - practical advice that is applicable to my business! Recommend to anyone, who is serious about making money in their business an avoiding the costly marketing and sales mistakes - to attend next Dmitri Stern's event"

Marilyn Katz, Seminar Attendee

Dmitri's seminar was excellent and would be recommended to anybody who wants to increase their business opportunities and make more money

Deidre, X-Real Estate Agent.

"How to profit from business - on-line and off-line - smart recession beating strategies. Low-cost, high-impact marketing that is simple to implement"

Edmundo, Seminar Attendee

"I was very impressed by Dmitri's presentation. It was very consize, logical & orderly with lot of excitement & engery in it. Seminar attence would give you a lot of inside stuff what you need to know."

Chris Seymore, Seminar Attendee

The seminar was very straight forward & very authentic what I was looking for my new business marketing.

Jane, Business Owner

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